Note:  This is a typical short MSDS for Caustic Soda Flakes. This document is provided as is and is for information purposes only.
Country of Origin: Iran
Product Identification :
Product name: Sodium Hydroxide
CAS Number: 1310-73-2
Molecular Weight: 40.01
Chemical Formula: NaOH

Ingredient: Sodium Hydroxide
CAS: 1310-73-2
Percent: 98%
Hazardous: Yes

Hazards Information
Irritant. May cause burns to the eyes, skin, respiratory and gastrointestinal tract including permanent eye damage

Hazards Identification
Inhalation: can produce burns.
Eyes: may cause burns and tissue destruction .May cause permanent eye damage.
Skin: may cause burns and tissue destruction (some not immediately noticeable).
Ingestion: may cause burns and tissue destruction

First Aid Measures

Rinse eyes with a flow of water for at least 15 minutes holding eyelids apart to ensure complete irrigation of all eye and lid tissues. Washing eyes within several seconds of exposure is essential to achieve maximum effectiveness. Seek medical advice immediately.
Rinse contaminated areas with water as soon as possible. Remove contaminated clothing and footwear. Wash contaminated areas with plenty of soap and water. Seek medical advice immediately.
Move to fresh air. If not possible try to provide fresh air by ventilation. If breathing is difficult, have a trained person administer oxygen. If respiration or pulse has stopped, administer Basic Life Support and call for emergency services immediately.
If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Give large quantities of water. (If possible, give several glasses of milk.) If vomiting occurs spontaneously, keep airway clear and give more water or milk. Seek medical advice immediately.

Storage and Handling
• Storage
Keep in tightly closed and properly labeled containers. Do not store in aluminum container or use aluminum fittings as flammable hydrogen gas can be produced.
• Handling
Use in the areas with adequate ventilation. Avoid breathing dust and wear personal protective clothing and equipment.

Other Safety measures
Fire: nonflammable
Explosion: non-explosive
Extinguishing: do not use water
Environmental hazard: hazardous to the environment